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Our Mission

Building A Better Experience

We've heard all the nightmares and bad experiences people have had when building their home, and these are the things that motivate us as a company.

We chase that feeling we get of having satisfied customers.

  • We are always on or below budget.

  • We work tirelessly to make sure that the closing date we give you is set in stone.

  • We keep much of the major work completely in house.

  • Our company owner directly oversees the construction of your home. We do not delegate that important role to someone who isn't intimately involved in your project.


Meet Todd Briggs

Todd has been in the construction community for over twenty years. Along with T.Briggs Construction, he also owns Oasis Pools & Outdoor Living, Tulsa Custom Glass Company, and Twin Oaks Properties. These companies touch hundreds of families every year and strive to create beautiful spaces in the Tulsa Metro Area.

Part of "Building a Better Experience" is that Todd is intimately involved in every project and is focused not only on producing unique homes, but homes that are functional and custom to each family. Todd is married to his wife Angie and has two sons, Boston and Brody.

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